Life at appcpl

Workplace and Culture

Who we are

We are an energy solutions Company working to create most effective solutions for utilities, generators and consumers of electricity. We are committed to permeating an energy efficient infrastructure in the country through solutions focused on power trading, power management and analytics and solar rooftop and ground mounted. We are a market leader in many product and solutions that we participate. We regularly appear among the top 5 traders in the CERC monthly market monitoring report.
Our stakeholders see us as innovative and path breaking solution providers to their day to day problems and challenges with respect to power generation, sourcing and consumption.

Everyday, we use our expertise, ideas and solutions to create efficiencies in electricity delivery and consumption.

We bring together people, ideas and resources to deliver solutions for Utilities, businesses and consumers.

Our Story

The Electricity Act 2003 and subsequently the creation of exchanges in 2009, paved the way in our founders mind to create a service company dedicated to power sector and specifically to serve the clients in North East. The company was established in 2009, with one specific goal: to establish itself as a key player in the liberalized energy market. Since then the induction of professional managers and partners into the company has fueled a rapid geographical and product expansion. This has contributed significantly to the company being increasingly seen by the stakeholders as pioneers and leaders in the energy solutions space.
During the past years APPCPL has steadily continued in its growth: we are doubling our revenue every year. Today we have offices in 8 locations spread across India and outside. We have established scalable solutions and practices, which we are implementing not only in India but also outside.
Today, after establishing itself firmly in India in power trading solutions, we have set new goals such as rapid expansion of energy management and energy analytics, creating a niche space for ourselves in the solar space, development of solutions targeted to residential / sub 1 MW consumers in the country and scale these solutions to beyond Indian shores.. These are hard and stimulating challenges, to face with as much energy as possible. Because in the future of the Group there’s only one certainty: the will to continue to grow and improve every day.