Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive Advantage is the Triangulation of Deep Industry Knowledge, Effective Implementation and Focus on Customer Service


  • Management team with more than 25 man years of energy consulting experience with marquee firms like KPMG, CRISIL, GE Capital.
  • Team has experience of power sale and purchase across all the fuels, states and regions and contract options.

New Products

  • We are pioneers in power sourcing management having created and evolved many new products and created industry benchmarks.

Customer Service

  • Our solutions structured to your requirement (Personalized service).
  • Most knowledgable and trained team in this business (Competent).
  • We are always available to resolve any queries / issues (Convenience).
  • We actively reach out to our customers to update / inform(Proactive).

Dedicated Resources For

  • Bid Scheduling & Management
  • 24 x7 Operations
  • Bid Curtailment Management
  • Regulatory & Market Updates

Utility Management

  • We take responsibility for timely NOC and other approvals, Bill Settlement, Bill Checking etc.


We are the fastest growing company in Power Solutions business having grown by more than 250% in the last one year with footprint in most of the market.

  • Presence
  • Absence
Northern Region
States Utilities Open Access Clients
Haryana Present Present
Rajasthan Present Present
Punjab Present Present
Himachal Pradesh Present Absent
Delhi Present Present
Uttranchal Absent Present
Jammu & Kashmir Absent Absent
Uttar Pradesh Present Present
Chandigarh Absent Absent
East & North Eastern Region
States Utilities Open Access Clients
Assam Present Present
Arunachal Pradesh Present Present
Sikkim Present Present
Jharkhand Absent Absent
Meghalaya Present Present
Odisha Present Present
Bihar Present Present
Tripura Present Present
Nagaland Present Present
Mizoram Present Present
West Bangal Present Present
Manipur Present Present
Western Region
States Utilities Open Access Clients
Madhya Pradesh Present Absent
Dadra Nagar Haveli Absent Absent
Daman & Diu Present Absent
Gujarat Absent Present
Chhattisgarh Present Absent
Maharashtra Present Absent
Southern Region
States Utilities Open Access Clients
Andhra Pradesh Present Absent
Telangana Absent Absent
Karnataka Present Present
Pondicherry Absent Absent
Tamil Nadu Absent Absent
Kerala Present Absent

Our Approach

We have seen that using our approach, we are able to target incremental savings of 10 – 30% for most of our clients across states.
Our Efforts towards client’s savings Karnatka Punjab Uttrakhand Haryana Rajasthan
Consumption Pattern analysis and projecting requirement next day using systems driven approach Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analysis of options available for power sourcing and suggesting best combinations based on consumption and industry Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forecast price on power exchange & determine the feasible slots Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generating the bid schedule and cut off price Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run model and evaluate alternate bidding options including under drawl in some slots Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Providing bilateral / fixed price contracts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tracking consumption during the month and making necess changes for further optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Likely improvement in savings 25 – 40% 25 – 30% 15 – 20% 10 – 15% 10 – 15%

Sample Case

Historical tracking of efficiency in bidding :

Sample Case

Daily optimization in bidding for the client:

Proprietary Model

  • Looking at the data, variation in consumption at the Client’s plant and using analytics to determine a pattern in consumption.
  • Track consumption on daily basis.
  • Exchange price forecast – Taking help of a dedicated team, which has developed a unique machine learning software for forecast of exchange price with a high accuracy of greater then 90% – helps us identify the slots that are likely to clear.
  • If we work on Solar O&M, we will also take a view on solar generation and incorporate the same in our estimation of grid power consumption (for a  rooftop solar client).
  • The model will combine all these factors and generate the  optimum bid level that  maximises the savings potential for the client.

For one of our clients, we have optimized his bidding using our proprietary model to enable it to offtake 90 – 95% of his consumption from Open Access and thus improving his savings tremendously.