Power Exchange

  • Power Exchange provides a spot market, mainly day-ahead, for electricity, which like any other market matches demand and supply for each time block, while providing a public price index. It is a neutral platform, which provides the necessary electronic trading platform and associated infrastructure to facilitate buying and selling of electricity by the participants.

    • Day Ahead Market
    • Term Ahead Market
    • Renewable energy certificates
    • Energy Saving Certificates
  • Open Access is a mechanism which enables the heavy users with more than 1MW connected load to buy cheap power from open market. This concept allows the consumer to choose from number of competitive power companies rather than buying power from local utility.

  • Power Purchase Agreement is a contractual agreement between buyer and seller. They come together and agree to buy and sell an amount of energy from Bilateral Trading or from Power Exchange.

  • Renewable Energy Certificate is market-based instrument that certifies the bearer own one mega-watt hour of energy generated from renewable sources.