It is acceptable that mostly a company is incorporated to earn profits and create wealth for its shareholders or its investors, and once a company starts generating as many profits to justify its needs than in that situation it should commence its role toward the well-being of society and social stakeholders, in this view Corporate Social Responsibility might be considered as a phenomenon under which a company has to look over the interest of the society, environment and other social stakeholders.

In our opinion, CSR has given a new way for the corporates to appropriate their profits other than the distribution of dividends to the shareholders i.e. CSR focuses on what should be done with the profits? In this respect, we have partnered with various entities who are working for healthcare, the welfare of people, eradication of hunger, environment sustainability, development of local areas, preservation of our monuments, etc

CSR Initiatives undertaken by the company

The Ministry of Tourism with Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India had launched the “Adopt a Heritage: Apni Dharohar, Apni Pehchaan. It aims at ensuring quality & inclusive provision of amenities and facilities across heritage, natural, & tourist sites through active participation of private and public sector organizations and individuals. These organizations would be known as “Monument Mitras” for their collaboration initiative. Socio Legal Research and Education Foundation, a trust registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, is one of the Monument Mitra, which has adopted Narayankoti Village, Uttrakhand. The vision of the said trust revolves around the objectives of cleanliness, sustainability, awareness, responsibility etc. and to preserve the archaeological and built heritage of Narainkoti Temples and to promote the awareness and appreciation of, respect for and commitment to preservation of such cultural legacy through research, education, publicity & responsibility.


CSR Policy