Power Trading - Currently in India, there are two(2) power exchanges. APPCPL is the member of both the power exchanges which enable to have an option to choose exchange for our client.

1. Indian Energy Exchange(IEX)- The first ever power exchange of India started their operation in June 2008.With their Head office in Delhi, they are promoted by Financial Technologies (India) Ltd and PFS.

2. Power Exchange India Ltd.(PXIL)- With their head office in Mumbai, they are promoted by National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEIL) and National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX).

Bilateral - Bilateral Transaction facilitate a firm source for supply of required quantum at mutually agreed price from generator to buyer. APPCPL identify parties with a surplus of power and parties with a deficit of power at particular times and for specific durations. An interested client can enter into various tenures for bilateral.

1. Short Term(Intraday to 1 year)
2. Medium Term(1 year to 3 years)
3. Long Term(10 to 35 years)
4. Various products created to provide flexibility to its clients
    · Round the clock power
    · Evening or Morning peak/ Afternoon or Night off-peak power
    · Specific time blocks for 6 to 18 hours
    · Weekend or Holiday power
    · Energy Banking

Renewable Energy Trading - APPCPL facilitate open access users to fulfill their obligations (as per SERC- State Electricity Regulatory Commission) by buying renewable power or Renewable Energy Certificates(REC) including Solar power and non solar power. Also APPCPL offer services aimed at leveraging REC mechanism for facilitating Renewable Energy(RE) generators in the following areas:

o Accreditation of the project with State Agency
o Registration of the project with Central Agency
o Issuance of RECs from Central Agency
o Trading of RECs on Power Exchanges
o Payment to the RE Generator

We are

Arunachal Pradesh Power Corporation Private Limited (APPCPL) is the sole Power Trading Company of North-East India, having it's Registered Office at Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh . The company is one of the fastest growing power trading companies in the nation with prime objective of establishing a bias-free globalized Power trading market in India. APPCPL is the “Trader Member” of Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) & has been trading on IEX Platform since August ’09. APPCPL was issued the “Advisory membership” by Power Exchange of India Ltd (PXIL) in April’11. CERC has granted Category III License for Inter-State Trading in electricity throughout the territory of India except the state of J&K vide License.-No.61/Trading License /2012/CERC dated 11th September, 2012. APPCPL is currently offering the best power solution for Industries, Commercial Building & Offices via Open Access(power exchange as well as bilateral). Also APPCPL guides industries to fulfill their Renewable Purchase Obligation(RPO) via purchase of Renewable Power and Renewable Energy Certificates(RECs).

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

The Commission intends to promote competition, efficiency and economy in bulk power markets, improve the quality of supply, promote investments and advise government on the removal of institutional barriers to bridge the demand supply gap and thus foster the interests of consumers. In pursuit of these objectives the Commission aims to – Improve the operations and management of the regional transmission systems through Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC), Availability Based Tariff (ABT), etc. Formulate an efficient tariff setting mechanism, which ensures speedy and time bound disposal of tariff petitions, promotes competition, economy and efficiency in the pricing of bulk power and transmission services and ensures least cost investments. Facilitate open access in inter-state transmission Facilitate inter-state trading Promote development of power market Improve access to information for all stakeholders. Facilitate technological and institutional changes required for the development of competitive markets in bulk power and transmission services. Advise on the removal of barriers to entry and exit for capital and management, within the limits of environmental, safety and security concerns and the existing legislative requirements, as the first step to the creation of competitive markets.

CERC Inter State Trading Licence


IEX   -

CERC FORM IV 2017-2018